Our Favorite, Zubaida Aapa Has Passed Away

Zubaida Aapa, a prolific personality, and everyone’s favorite passed away. She was known for her immense talent and has worked her way into the hearts of millions of TV viewers in Pakistan and other countries.

She has been connected to all of us and every generation. Whether it involved young girls seeking to solve their problems through Zubaida Aapa Ke Totkay or whether it was countless housewives noting down the recipes, sitting in front of the television, taught by the very graceful Zubaida Aapa. A treasure of all the useful tips and grooming advice, teaching women a way of life.

Upon hearing the news, the nation expressed grief and mourning over social media.

Tweets about Zubaida Aapa demise
Source: Twitter.

She indeed was a motherly soul. Not only to Shaista Lodhi but a lot of other people associated.

Source: Twitter.

Her demise is a loss which cannot be replaced. She will always be in our hearts, and we all are grateful for whatever she has taught us in some way or the other. Rest in Peace, Zubaida Aapa.


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