Zainab Raped, Murdered And Found In Trash In Kasur

Zainab, as the media suggests was an 8-year-old young girl. Yet another innocent girl became a rape victim and murdered.

She was on her way to tuition near her house in the Road Kot area in Kasur just when she was allegedly abducted.

Zainab Abducted in Kasur
Source: Facebook

The incident occurred while her parents were away for Umrah.

The inhuman molester dumped the poor soul’s body in the trash. The Police reported that the girl seemed to have been killed four days before her body was found in the trash.

Zainab Thrown in Trash
Source: Twitter

Zainab’s murder enraged the people all over social media with journalists heading out to Kasur to take respective actions. It indeed left everyone in deep distress.

The hashtag #JusticeforZainab has been trending since the incident took place

Source: Twitter.

Not only on social media but the brutal incident gave rise to serious protests all over the city. 2 Protesters armed with sticks and stones were shot dead in Kasur by the Police during the protest. The city once known as the city of Bullay Shah is now crying with sorrows being unheard, children being raped, and people voicing out for justice being killed.

This is not the first time we have heard of such a heinous crime. Hundreds of innocent lives become victims of such a barbaric crime. And the sad part is that these cases are not given precedence when taken to court. The predators are still out there. Its high time this comes to an end. No awareness, no campaigns can help unless the law goes strictly against the assaulter.


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