Why You Should Travel Solo?

travel solo

I’m going to talk about why you should travel solo and should you do it or not. All that I’m going to be talking about is based off my experience of traveling alone. Everyone should, at least once in life, travel solo because it’s so freeing and totally a different experience.

I actually didn’t travel solo until this past year, and I’m so glad I did. I loved it, and I loved being alone. If I had a choice between sightseeing with friend or sightseeing alone, I would always choose alone.

So, here are the 10 REASONS of why you should travel solo:

1. Learn

You learn how to do things alone. Very often very many of us will rely on our family and our friends to help us with decisions, advice, taxes, whatever it may be. When you’re traveling on the road by yourself, all of these decisions are now up to you and only you.

Travel solo

Sure you can get advice from people here and there, but that’s part of the acquired skill set that you develop while traveling on your own. It’s critical skill set to have

2. Easier

It’s easier than trying to plan for a group. When you’re by yourself, you ultimately decide on what you want to do. It’s as simple as that.

You get to decide on where you go, what you do where, how long you want to stay in for one place. It’s your trip, and it’s an expression of you to be by yourself on the road.

3. Spontaneity

You embrace spontaneity when you travel solo. You can change itinerary and your destination and what you’re doing at the flip of a switch. It’s incredible being os low the freedom you have to just hone in on those random and unique things that come into your experience.Travel solo

For example, you’re off in the morning to go do a hike, and you meet someone at the hike who says I’m going to this tree fort at night and going to have a crazy drum circle there. So, you end up dropping your other plans, and you go to this one, you’re at the drum circle at night, and someone says: “Hey, I’m going to take a catamaran over to this island till morning. Do you want to join?” So, you drop your other plans.

This level of spontaneity yields so much incredible adventure that to me is the epitome of living in the moment because you’re drawn by whatever intrinsically is motivating you to go. So, it’s like do I go left or right. What do I feel is the best option. So our level of spontaneity is all-time high when traveling alone.

It’s a lot of fun when going alone. When traveling in a group, it’s a bit tougher because you need group consensus most of the time. So when those unique opportunities present themselves, rather than getting active groups consensus, just go and do it on your own.

4. Test your boundaries

You will test your limits. It’s about how far you’re willing to go with your comfort level. You don’t have your friends around peer pressuring you, and you just buy yourself. So it’s really what you’re comfortable with and what you want to push yourself which defines you.

Travel solo

When you’re on the road, and you want to get up and go to a hike or a cliff jump, you don’t have someone telling you to go do it. It’s just you and your mind saying do I want to do this. So you get to know yourself and know what you are capable of.

I started in 2016 and started solo travel. I had to take myself out of my comfort zone and talk to people in hotel or hiking or walking down the street. It was hard for me to do it initially but you realize every single time afterward. You meet a good group of people, have a good time experience and learn something new about the world.

5. Learn how to stand for yourself

You learn how to stand up for yourself without the pose behind you or your better half speaking up for you when you decide to stay silent. You will inevitably have times where you need to hold your ground, show more dominance, protect yourself and in the end stand up for yourself.

6. Crush your bucket list

You can crush your bucket list. What better way to knock off two unique things that only you want to do. You wish to go hike that volcano, you go do it. You want to go ride a tiger through the jungle, and you go do it. If you travel solo, you can essentially do anything you want when you’re yourself. No one’s holding you back.

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Do a little research, figure out where you are in the world, what it has to offer and you go do exactly what you want to do because you are in charge of your own adventure. No one’s holding you back. It’s a great way to have a unique experience and check that list off that you have.

7. Learn the art of small talk

You’ll have to communicate with a lot of people. You’ll have to interact with strangers. You are going to need to plan things, you’ll need to ask directions, you’ll need to give directions or give orders to where you’re going. Either way, you’ll have to make all of the communication yourself.

You don’t have anybody else to do if for you and in different places you’re going to be speaking with people that you’ve never spoken with before. You’re going to be talking with people that don’t speak your language correctly. Communication is an essential skill set to learn because you can use it for the rest of your life.

8. Hone in on your personal interest

You just can’t feel ashamed if you want to read a book for a week, sit on the beach and do nothing or explore a jungle trek by yourself. When Traveling alone, these opportunities are there for you, and you get to explore what you’re interested in.

A lot of time you get to learn about yourself and understand what the things you want to do are.

9. Find how little you need to survive

You are going to know what things you need to survive and thrive after just a short time on the road. You will have a pretty good understanding of the items that you need to have with you while you’re traveling.

Travel solo

You’ll have a good grasp of the things that you didn’t need to take with you on the road.

10. You learn you’re never actually alone

When traveling alone, you get the opportunity to make new friends. You’re always going to be surrounded by people unless if you are in some desolate area. It’s quite a unique opportunity you’re afforded because if you want to be an introvert, you can just block off the world and have your own experience on your own.

Travel solo

“Traveling solo does not always mean you’re alone. Most often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime.” — Jacqueline Boone

You can connect with someone whenever you want. You can connect with someone at the hostel that you’re staying at or the people that are working for the activities company that you want to do. Say hi to the locals on the street or other travelers that you meet. All you got to do is move your feet and whether those are just transient relationships that last an hour, five minutes or a week or relationships that turn into incredible experiences.

If you think I missed something, leave me a comment. Let me know your ideas of why it is better to travel solo. And if you like to travel in groups, let me know why. Share this blog with someone who is thinking about traveling, and maybe he/she needs that extra push. The ultimate takeaway is traveling helps you grow and whether you’re doing it alone or as a group, it’s an incredible experience.


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