Was Karachi Eat 2018 overrated?

Karachi Eat 2018
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This weekend has been the most happening one for all the Karachiites. The city’s biggest annual food festival, “Karachi Eat 2018” took place at Benazir Bhutto Park from 12th to 14th of January and was on an even larger scale than the previous one. But there were some problems.

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Karachi Eat 2018
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Being a Karachiite, everyone’s aware of the superabundance of the eateries in Karachi and the varieties they have to offer. Hence, it is not surprising to realize┬áthat almost everyone living in this city has been r has become a foodie. So yes, like every other Karachiite I was pretty excited about the Karachi Eat food festival every other person was raving about.

With an unlimited number of eateries being there. From desi to continental, stalls serving savory items to booths satisfying the sweet tooth cravings. From big names to new startups; Everything was there.

Karachi Eat 2018
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And I finally had my fair share of the food there, perfectly satiating all sorts of cravings.

But what was absent this time, was organized management. The festival catered countless amount of people. With one gate to enter and one to leave, people had to wait for hours in line just to enter the premises. People complained about standing in the queue for three hours. But this was only the entrance; the tickets queue was another story.

Asim Azhar Karachi Eat 2018
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However, the mismanagement and the long wait at the gate was proved worthwhile on the second and third day. You ask why? I would wait for as long as I could if I were getting a place with all the food I love, along with ATIF ASLAM and ASIM AZHAR’s concert. A total win-win no?

Atif Aslam Karachi Eat 2018

That was a precise overview of how we observed Karachi eat 2018 to be. Let us know if you agree or disagree with what we wrote.


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