This 4 Year Old Girl Should Be Your Next Workout Inspiration


As winter falling, we’re struggling to get our butt off the couch while this 4 year old girl is redefining strength and determination.

In addition to gymnastics, the girl also crushes it with her impressive pull-ups. Her dad, James Townsend, recently shared a video of her on Instagram when she conquered the road to 10 pull-ups.

The beautiful girl’s Instagram bio has a hashtag #stronggirlstrongworld and she is empowering women all over the globe to be as stronger as she is.

It’s not surprising that she’s is a natural gymnast. Her father co-owns a gym and is generally involved in the fitness stuff.

She’s four years old and four feet tall. But don’t judge her on her age and size because she’s more impressive and stronger than people who are twice her size.


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