9 Things Every Karachiites Does During Rain

Things Karachiites Do During Rain

Monsoons and winter rain are, no doubt, the best seasons of the year for we Karachiites. In summers when the weather is extremely hot, people prefer to stay in air-conditioned places. And winters hardly make any difference in Karachi.

So, unlike summers and winters, rain is the most memorable and enjoyable thing of the year. Rain brings so much relief and some ordinary things which only Karachiites do.

Here are 9 things which Karachiites do during rain and you can relate one of these things if you are a Karachiite:

1. Pakode-Samose

The enjoyment is not complete without having pakora-samosa with chai.

And the chai gets companions in the form of hot pakoras and samosas.

2. Visit Seaside

We Karachiites love visiting seaside and do so many activities there.

But when its rainy season the visit becomes compulsory.

3. Missing out office/school/college

What better excuse to skip office, school and college than a heavy rain. We skip going to our work because it was raining too heavily.

4. Long drives

Escaping into rainy weather on a traffic-free road with friends/families is a dream come true.

And the only thing that makes it perfect is music!

5. Actually getting wait in the rain

Rain in Karachi is infrequent, so we karachiites do get rid of umbrella’s and just get wet! Nature’s shower encourages you to get wet.

And who is going to say no to that?!

6. Slipping or falling and then laughing

Slipping in rain is very common.

Well who doesn’t want his friend to slip on the streets so that he can have a belly laugh?

7. Eating “Bhutta”

Eating Bhutta with Lemoo and Masala with the sound of rain is next to no other!

8. Paper boats

Karachiites bring out all the old newspapers which were going to be given as raddi and indulge in childhood activities.

9. Above all, we completely enjoy every part of rain

Besides the pros and cons of heavy rain in Karachi, we do love every bit of rain.

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