Things You Might Not Know About Mohammad Ali Jinnah!

Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Since its 25th December, nothing could be better than knowing the facts about our beloved founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah to highlight the importance of the day he was born.

He was the youngest Indian to pass the law exam in England.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the youngest one in India to pass the Law exam being the only Muslim Barrister at the age of 20 in Bombay.
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A road in Turkey is named after the Quaid-e-Azam

One of the longest streets in Ankara, Turkey is named after Mohammad Ali Jinnah as “Cinnah Caddesi” where Cinnah is pronounced as Jinnah in their language.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

He never wore the same tie, twice.

Mr. Jinnah was an avid dresser with around 200 suits and an uncountable number of ties, and he never wore the same twice. Jinnah insisted on being dressed formally even on his deathbed.

“I will not travel in my Pajamas”

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

1 Rupee Salary as Governor General of Pakistan

He was a true leader whose only purpose was to serve for Pakistan and its freedom. Therefore he fixed his salary at Rs1 per month as the founder of Pakistan, considering the lack of finances Pakistan was facing at that time. He, however, was one of the most highly paid most sought lawyers, earning Rs 1500 per case.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

His first marriage lasted only a few months

Jinnah’s mother worried that he might marry an English woman, so she insisted him to marry Emibai who was from their ancestral village of Paneli. Emibai Jinnah was two years younger than Jinnah. He did not want to marry her but gave in to his mother’s desire. She passed away while he was in England for his higher studies.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

He had a brief stage career.

He started off with a stage career by joining a Shakespearean company but which did not last long as he resigned after his father sent him a stern letter.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Hence, Desi Parents are always right. We wonder what would have happened if Jinnah continued his acting career and would not have pursued law.


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