Gender neutral style is taking over, and androgynous fashion is all the trend right now. What better way to rock this trend than borrowing some important items from your girlfriend’s wardrobe?

While there have been numerous talks about girls borrowing things from their boyfriends, the time has come for guys to steal stuff from theirĀ girl’s closet.

So guys get ready to invade your girlfriend’s wardrobe! Here are 5 things you should attack on right now:

1. Hats

As she has probably stolen plenty of yours in the past, it’s time for payback now.

Girlfriend's wardrobe

That big and fancy hat she’s been wearing is all good and will give you instant street style.

2. Nose rings

Yes! They really look amazing on men. Countless men have got their noses pierced and have been carrying rings and pins.

Nose ring

Nose is the perfect place to get a piercing if you’re looking for it.

3. Shawls

Stop restricting the use of shawls. They look stunning on men and can be worn every day.


Wearing a shawl can give you a top class look.

4. Moisturiser

Yeah, we know you’ve got your own at home, but women’s moisturiser feels extra awesome probably it is more expensive than yours and it smells quite nice.


So using her moisturiser is fair game for you.

5. Her wrist watch

Guys, a watch is a vital statement accessory. Her fancy watch should be on your hit list.

Girlfriend's wardrobe

Flaunt her watch to work or when hanging out with friends.

Images: Pexels


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