5 Steps to achieve Increased Productivity.

Increased Productivity

I remember the first time being anxious. With a new business start-up to manage, a job and university assignments and reports, all at once to balance. Each of them was important as the last. and it seemed like the days have never been this short. The stress begins to increase and just then I realized the importance of increased productivity and having my tasks aligned.

I researched a lot of ways to become productive and achieving targets and found the following 5 steps the most useful.

1. Documenting everything is the first step to increased productivity

Yes, there’s nothing more relaxing when you have a clear list of things you have to do. A lot of tasks running in mind makes you anxious and reduce the tendency to be productive. Document all the to-dos, ideas and list of work to do. Make use of technology and make reminders and notes. It doesn’t always have to be a paper and pen.

Make it happen
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2. Prioritize the tasks for the day

Having the list of tasks in front of you will give you a chance to know exactly what needs to be done before the other thing on the list. Arrange the list of work to do according to the priority each one holds.

3. Set time intervals and make it happen

Now that we have all the tasks lined up. We know whats on top of the list and what is at last. Set time intervals for each target and implement. Pick your actions and make it happen.

4. Review and check the tasks being done

This is the part that will give you confidence and will gradually give you a sense of productivity. Productivity comes from confidence. So review the list and check the tasks being done.

5. Rise early

Despite all the above steps being covered, rising early is the key to success. Rise early so you have more time during the day. As a person tends to get lazy with the setting sun.

Rise Early
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There are a lot more ways to increase productivity and achieve targets. But prioritizing is the key. Let us know if these steps proved to be useful.


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