Parchi Collects 2.9 Crore In 3 Days


Pakistan Film industry has been flourishing like never before. Where the movies only comprised of the heroine dancing and the hero circling the girl. Now, its only a few steps away from being one of the best films industry with Pakistani movies matching Big releases in the Box Office. One of such films is “Parchi.”

It is one of the new films have reached the top and has collected 2.9 crores during the weekend as reported by BoxOfficeDetail. There has been an extraordinary response, and the film made a smashing business specifically in Rawalpindi/Islamabad where it matched big releases like Golmaal Again.

Not to forget that Golmaal again was a much bigger project, with more prominent names and brand image. It also managed to beat Fukray with a margin as significant as 55%.

Source: IMDB

The film matched Golmaal Again regarding Business with the following figures being reached, given the number of shows, during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Courtesy: BoxOfficeDetail)


Golmaal Again – (29 shows) 19.5 Lacs.

Parchi – (32 shows)17.5 lacs.


Golmaal Again – (38 shows) 21.1 lacs.

Parchi – (35 shows) 20.4 lacs.


Golmaal Again – (39 shows) 16.5 Lacs.

Parchi – (38 shows) 14.8 Lacs.

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