This nude restaurant in Paris is making me want to move to Paris!

We’ve all had moments where putting on pants for our plans has been a task. We’re just comfortable in our Pj’s or sometimes in our undies because it’s the best kind of comfort.

Well, what if a restaurant gives you a solution to your dressing problems and gives you an opportunity to enjoy your meal without having to worry about what to wear?

Known for its rapport and nudity, Paris has launched a new restaurant, O’Natural, which encourages people to leave their clothes in restaurant’s wardrobe before having their favorite meal. To ensure complete privacy, the view of the restaurant is blocked from the streets.

Source: O’naturel

The best part is that the neighbors of the restaurant have also welcomed it in their neighborhood stating that the concept doesn’t bother them.

According to their website, they provide:

The pleasure of dining naked all year long in the capital in the respect of naturist values.

A cloakroom is at your disposal to allow you to live this moment in complete freedom.

France is already a home to nude beaches, resorts, spas and even nudist zones. With a nude restaurant in Paris, France joins London that has already opened a nude restaurant, Bunyadi, last year.

Nudity is a personal choice and is probably not going to be welcomed in a country like Pakistan. I’m officially moving to Paris. *WINK*


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