Manushi Chhillar’s Instagram Pictures Will Make You Wanna Travel Now

Manushi Chhillar

Even if you’re hiding under a rock, you definitely know about the woman, Manushi Chhillar, who has become a much-loved icon all over the world. Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017, is the beauty queen that every single person can’t seem to have enough of.

Manushi has led a perfect exemplary life; a medical student with a dream of becoming a surgeon has instantly won the hearts of millions and become a household name. The day is not far when your mother may just start comparing you with her, asking you to be like her.

You’ll definitely want to be like her when it comes to her travel adventures. She has traveled a lot during her Miss World pageant, and we couldn’t help but take some travel inspiration she’s been giving us lately.

Take a look at when Manushi Chhillar gave us travel goals on Instagram.

1. Crystal clear water, soft sand, and most importantly HER! *WINK*

2. Feeling the good vibes!

3. Enjoying every little moment!

4. That dress though!

5. You got to have fun no matter what you do!

6. Feel the breeze blowing gently!

7. She has a smile to die for!

Manushi Chhillar, wishing you more and more success and happy travels as you take on the world with your crown.


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