Mahira Khan And Her Mom Are Having Hilarious Autocorrect Fails

Mahira Khan

It seems like that the autocorrect feature will make your texts look perfect, but the feature is also capable of making a boo-boo when you least expect it.

Do you know who learned this? Mahira Khan!

The Verna actress posted a screenshot of a chat with her mom on Twitter complaining about the autocorrect problem.

We are assuming she’s probably trying to say, “Ama take care of yourself and abu”, but damn the autocorrect!

But it wasn’t just Mahira Khan’s autocorrect that was creating problems. Her mother seemed to have the same issue.

Again, we assume her mother is trying to say, “Ok meri jaan”.

Things got even worse when her autocorrect seemed drunk in her tweet too.


And there were those who were waiting for such a golden opportunity. From solutions to jokes to things that were not important at that time, Mahira Khan got tons and tons of replies!

Leave autocorrect. There are big things to pick!

All said and done, Mahira Khan is not alone when it comes to the victims of autocorrect!


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