IoBM Taught Me To Be Reasonable In 2 years. Some Failed Despite Being There For 6 Years.


Journalism has reached heights without a word of doubt and is probably the most powerful thing at hand for our generation now. But some of us might have forgotten the true essence and use it illicitly to feed our dissatisfaction from anything that goes against us.

Something similar happened with Fawad Hassan, who happens to be a writer at a reputable blog AND a graduate of the esteemed Institute of Business Management. Having spent 6 years there, and after completing the degree, there comes a post containing unjustified negativity.

The writer talks about how IoBM has unreasonable policies and regulations regarding how women should dress up and how it stops them to be themselves. He started off by narrating a recent incident that happened in October where a female faculty member was schooled over “improper dressing” by the security in charge. Even her effort of complaining went to waste as she was told to wear “respectable clothes” by the head of the department.

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He further mentioned how the Institute was suppressing his inner creativity. My question to you sir; what does dress code policy has to do with creativity. Narrating a few more such incidents he mentioned that he boycotted the Iobm convocation and to not receive an honor from the Institute which is ‘commercialized’ and has a ‘misogynistic dress code”.

Nonetheless, you still got your degree Fawad. :))

As for the commercialized part; IoBM does charge fairly high despite being a not for profit institute, BUT, there are so many students including me that are on 50% or even 100% scholarship. Ma’am Sabina Mohsin, the Executive Director Iobm, is popularly known to address many students’ financial issues and their fees are immediately waived off.

And for the misogyny; this whole scenario has just been exaggerated and is nothing like this in real. Reason why, when asked for a proof for stating an incident mentioning a respectable and senior faculty member ma’am Farida Ibad insulting a female student for inappropriate dressing, and other claims, he had nothing to say.

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However, this incident has opened up debates for IoBM students including me who believe the Institute has proven to teach us more than we expected. And being a part of the Institute it’s our responsibility to respect it and not put its reputation at stake.

Hussain Ali, another student of IoBM responded to the viral post by Fawad Hassan by mentioning how Iobm stands out between all the top-notch Institutes when it comes to developing close relations with their students and for being responsive WHERE needed.

“I assure you, there is no university in Karachi whose higher management is in direct contact with the students. We get replies of each and everything from the higher management.”

He agrees to the fact that Iobm needs to be a little more flexible about its dress code policy in order to cater to all sorts of mindsets as there is always a room for improvement but spreading negativity only after you’ve successfully attained your degree is mere activism for the sake of publicity and that such issues should be solved on table and not on public forums.

“… activism should be from within and not on social media. Keyboard jihad doesn’t work in real life and it only creates a buzz that dies very soon. You need to go to the management and get the issue resolved.”

He further makes a legitimate point that Fawad could have dropped out in the first year if he felt Iobm was working to close the students’ minds. It was only due to the flexible norms and ease at IoBM that he not only spent 6 years but also got his degree.

“Stop being a relative who comes to a wedding, enjoys all the food and then says “yaar biryani Mein boti kum thi.””

Well, the debate goes on and on with a lot of IoBM students supporting or not supporting the issue.

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‘Logical aur Jaiz baat’

Enlightening to see people still have the ability to look at the bright side.

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If knowledge is your pursuit, then the world is huge. One should seek a place that will suit him/her. The institute is only trying its best to maintain discipline in its premises. And I’m sure there are institutes that wouldn’t have a “flawed dress code policy” as Fawad stated and that will entertain his “creativity”.

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