3 Famous Biryani Joints In Karachi Among The Students

Out of all the food available in Karachi, whether fancy or contemporary, Biryani is something which we can never get enough of. And its a cherry on top when there are famous biryani joints, just a few steps away from your university. Nonetheless, Karachiites can go anywhere, no matter how far or how near, only to satisfy their quest for Biryani.


Anyway, here are three Famous Biryani joints in Karachi which the students of IoBM, IU and Habib University can’t stop obsessing over.

1. Amna Biryani

Amna Biryani has been on every student’s tongue at IoBM. Despite IoBM having a cafe that is no less than a Food court with all the top-notch eateries including New York Pizza, Karamel, La Farine can still not serve to satisfy the taste buds that AMNA BIRYANI can.

Famous Biryani Joints in Karachi

Students tend to bunk their classes to go have their share of spice, rice and meat.

2. Daata Biryani

Daata Biryani, even though is not a part of Iqra University but the students there, treat it as one.

Famous Biryani Joints in Karachi

It’s just another Biryani Point, located outside the campus along with all the other dhaabas. But it’s very casual for the students at IU to say “Biryani Khanay chal” to each other as if its only inside the campus.

3. Farhan Ki Biryani

Lastly, the very famous, not only among the Habib University students, but all over Johar is ‘FARHAN ki Biryani’.

Famous Biryani Joints in KarachiLeaving all the scrumptious food behind on campus from all the fancy cafes and eateries, students go and have Farhan Ki Biryani instead.

Do you have a famous biryani spot near your university too? Let us know in the comments below.


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