Three Things About Depression. A different perspective.


It’s pretty cliche to see almost every individual in today’s generation claiming to be depressed or going through anxiety. But the question is; is depression always bad? I thought of writing on how differently I see depression. You never know it might change your perception too.
So recently I was asked by a friend of mine, “Has depression somehow enhanced your life? Or if given a chance would you let it take over you?” Absolutely not, but there is always an upside to everything.
And here is what I feel about how depression tends to bring out the best in you:

1. It makes you a good writer.

The mood swings and the anxiety ignite in you the urge to let it all out. And just when nobody seems to understand what you exactly want them to, I suggest you pen your thoughts down. Pen it all out; the real stuff, the good stuff, the sudden oozing in your heart, everything.

Now, just before you realize, you would feel an immediate burden being lifted off your chest. Yes! So penning your thoughts down not only brings out the inner writer in you but it further helps you to feel a lot better when there is a storm rising inside your mind.


2. You learn to control the way you feel; anytime, anywhere.

Once you override depression, there is nothing that could hurt you to that same extent. You came out of a suicidal phase, and nothing could be worse than being in that particular state of mind. So once you’ve surpassed it, rejoice! You evolve because now, you’d be living your life as thoroughly as you can.


3. It encourages you to appreciate the little things.

Life can be troublesome, and when those days manifest where we can’t confront the day ahead, it’s too simple to concentrate on the cynicism and enable it to devour our contemplation. I believe that the capacity to focus on the overlooked little details can be a positive approach to build our state of mind.

Many people experience their lives in such a stupor, to the point that they don’t set aside the opportunity to value their general surroundings. For individuals who encounter depression, there are always windows of relief, and it’s amid these circumstances that we can indeed take advantage of our positive musings.


So you know what isolates you from most of the people out there? You feel the urge to improve and improve for your good. You feel the urge to change yourself for the better and conquer your fears, so you need to do it NOW.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this particular write-up. Let me know in the comment box below if you have faced any positive aspects of depression in yourself. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe!


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