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Karachi Walay is the leading online platform in Karachi. It creates videos and stories of almost every category and covers all the latest happenings.

Alyzeh Gabol Has An Important Message.

Alyzeh Gabol
Alyzeh Gabol recently posted a picture of her new photoshoot which vents quite viral. We'll tell you why. Before we show the picture we're talking about, here's one of her picture showing how she looks like. All fair-toned and glamorous. No, we're not being racist...

Was Karachi Eat 2018 overrated?

Karachi Eat 2018
This weekend has been the most happening one for all the Karachiites. The city's biggest annual food festival, "Karachi Eat 2018" took place at Benazir Bhutto Park from 12th to 14th of January and was on an even larger scale than the previous one....

Top 10 Exotic Places You Should Visit In 2018

Exotic places to visit in 2018
While we all made some new year’s resolutions about fitness, family, love, relationship or even fake friends, many of the people chose to upgrade their travel experiences. For such people, a quick look at the beauty existing in this world is quite hard. So we...

Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif back after Dhoom 3. [Photo Update]

Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif
We all know the dynamic duo Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif as they shined in their previous movie Dhoom 3. The news about Amir & Katrina working on a new project finally broke the silence when the gorgeous Katrina Kaif posted a picture on...

Deepak Parwani’s Sister Launched COCO9

Deepak Perwani's sister Pinky Perwani launched an eatery of her own "COCO9" to satisfy your taste buds. Where so many eateries are opening in Karachi, our favorite designer Deepak Parwani's sister came up with something so might surpass it all to satisfy the taste buds...