Skinny dipping has always seemed an appealing and fun thing to do. How does it sound having to do it on nude beaches during the day rather than doing it in a swimming pool during the night?

Sounds Fantastic!

There’re numerous beaches where clothing is 100% optional, and no one has care in the world. You may even be surprised to know that there’re some right next to you. Spending a day at one of these beaches will not just make you lose tane lines, but you’ll also gain a cultural experience.

Here are some of the best nude beaches in the world.

1. Paradise Beach, Greece

With crystal clear water, a magical view of the sunset and clothing an optional place to boot, Paradise beach in Mykonos is one of the great beaches for people who want to let it all hang out.

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It is famous for parties and general fun going on regularly.

2. Cape d’Agde, France

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This beach is actually a little town where nudity is encouraged. You can forget your clothes and do everything in the nude here like dining, dancing, walking with a dog or go to the bank.

3. Kehena, Hawaii

Kehena may be unofficial for clothing-optional, but you can go fully nude on this black sand beach.

Kehena Beach
Source: Wikipedia

The bonus is that you can spot dolphins at this beach.

4. Haulover Beach, Florida

This is one of the best nude beaches in the United States. Apart from a perfect weather and family-friendly atmosphere, Haulover beach in Miami is also clothing-optional, so if you’re feeling a little shy, you don’t have to strip down.

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This beach is visited by about 7,000 people from all over the world. You can also find picnic tables, ice cream vendors and shower facilities on this beach.

5. Praia do Pinho, Brazil

Praia do Pinho is an oasis of beautiful water and white sand. Nudity is wholeheartedly welcomed on this beach.

Praia do Pinho, Brazil
Source: Wikipedia

Nudity is compulsory here, and men without partners are not allowed.

6. Samurai Beach, Australia

This beach lies about two and half hours north of Sydney. It’s next to the Tomaree National Park.

Samurai Beach, Australia
Source: leGuik – Flickr

Clothing is entirely optional here.

7. Wreck Beach, Canada

This is North America’s largest nude beach. This was also the first beach in Canada to make clothing optional.

Wreck-beach, Canada
Source: Wreckbeach

Nudity is legal here and photos are prohibited to protect the privacy of people.

8. Plage de Tahiti, France

This beach is known for starting the nude sunbathing movement in France. Apart from the blue water, there’s also music and great food.

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It is also a place that’s frequently visited by the celebrities.

9. Au Naturel Beach, Jamaica

Though there are several spots in Jamaica where you can strip down without any hesitation, this beach is a nice pick for adults.

Nude Beach at the Couples Sans Souci

Couples Sans Souci

This nude beach also has a pool that goes right up to the sand.

A lot of beaches consider it bad manners to wear clothes on the beach premises. So, go ahead and forget your clothes, but be sure to pack some extra sunblock!



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