5 Places You Need To Visit For Best French Fries In Karachi.

Fries in Karachi

If you are a food aficionado, you would probably not compromise on your taste buds. And when it comes to fries, the options are endless. So we have shortened the list to bring up five places that serve the best french fries in Karachi.

Here’s the list:

1. POW.

source: Tribune
Source: Tribune

Crunchy on the outside and soft inside, the perfect fries sprinkled with Sriracha powder are worth trying. The quantity served is less, but its ideal taste compensates that.

2. Rowtisserie

Rowtisserie fries in karachi
Source: Tribune

Who doesn’t love curly fries? Rowtisserie is THE place for it.

3. OPTP; One Potato Two Potato

The masala fries at OPTP have no comparison. The quantity they serve in is enough to satisfy your cravings.

OPTP fries in Karachi
Source: Tribune

Oh and its a one-stop shop for almost every flavor you need in your fries. Be it garlic Mayo, Jalapeno or cheese; they have it all.

4. Mews

They stand out when it comes to their presentation with small conventional tin containers.

Their fries smothered in sauces and with a perfect blend of flavors including, sriracha mayo fries, truffle, and mushrooms, Kimchi and bolognese with cheese they ought to be the best one.

5. Bites 4 delight

Keeping the best one at last, we present you “Bites 4 delight”. The much-hyped roadside fries wala at dhoraji has been on the “must try” list of all the karachiites.

Bites 4 delight fries in Karachi
Source: Bite 4 Delight

The shop is seen to have long queue almost all the time. Beautifully crisp, pizza fries, loaded with cheese and olives, essential masalas and mouthwatering sauces is nothing but divine.


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