Alyzeh Gabol Has An Important Message.

Alyzeh Gabol

Alyzeh Gabol recently posted a picture of her new photoshoot which vents quite viral. We’ll tell you why.

Before we show the picture we’re talking about, here’s one of her picture showing how she looks like. All fair-toned and glamorous. No, we’re not being racist but mentioning her fair-skin as a prominent feature was important here.

Alyzeh Gabol
Source: Instagram

Having seen at the stunning beauty, here’s the picture we’ve been keeping you curious about.

alyzeh gabol
Source: Instagram

As the caption states; “I am not looking to escape my darkness, I am learning to love myself there.”

However we all know she’s white; without a surprise, Alyzeh Gabol used theatrical makeup to represent a black individual.

But, the picture and the caption clearly has a good intention attached. The message to embrace the darkness. the message to love your skin no matter what color you own or what race you belong to.

The post got a fair amount of support and praises from fans.

But there’s another side to the story. Many believed that this picture represented “Black Face” practice and was instead offensive to the black people. Check out the comments below to know why.

Nonetheless, coming back to the message. It’s sad to realize; despite living in the 21st century our society is such that it won’t consider dark, people a part of them.

This tends to develop a sense of unacceptability in people who are even slightly dark. And the inferiority complex that prevails is even worse.



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